Friday, December 14, 2012

Dos Jalapeños

I think I have started to buy at least 3-4 Jalapeños at the store each week. I love throwing them into recipes where they are not expected, it just brings a little something exciting to what ever you make.

When my Brother and his wife were visiting recently, he asked if he could make us something special for breakfast, "eggs in the hole". Well, sure I thought, but what's so different about an egg and bread and butter? That is not how they made it. They said upon a visit to one of my sisters house, they made eggs in the hole but added some interesting ingredients. One of which was Jalapeños. Try this on the weekend, you will not be disappointed.

Whole Wheat bread
Feta Cheese or Cotija Cheese crumbled

Take a small glass or something round to cut out a circle in you bread. Chop up your jalapenos, and mince your garlic. Add butter to a hot skillet and over medium to high heat place the bread and the little round into the pan. Add an egg in the hole. Fry egg to desired doneness. Flip and top hot egg and bread with minced garlic, chopped Jalapeños and Cheese. Do not flip again. Wait 30 seconds and take everything out of the pan and place on serving plate. Top with the little toasted round and finish with arugula.

Tell me if think this is out of this world delicious, because I know it is.

I painted these Jalapeños the other day and really like the bright crisp reflections that were cast from my studio light. This will not be my only time painting these peppers.

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