Saturday, January 26, 2013

A day at La Hinch

20 x 24,   Oil on Canvas,   Hinchey's in Ireland

This is beautiful La Hinch, a west coast surf town in Ireland. I painted this in my studio in England, shortly after our return from a glorious week spent touring around the breathtaking south of Ireland. Our family all piled into our car and took the ferry from Wales so that we could drive at our leisure to vista my husbands and childrens homeland. (I'm a bit Irish too, by just an ounce or two, so I felt somewhat bonded here as well). How lucky to be Irish! Ireland is absolutely gorgeous and everyone there is lovely. The "green" of Ireland is by far the most astringent and potent color your eyes will ever see, for that alone, it is worth the trip.

Here is my family playing in the water which in July was surprisingly warm enough and splashing around was a joy. I gave this painting to my husband, Tim for his birthday. It hangs in our bedroom.

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  1. This is a fantastic piece! You captured a most wonderful moment. Love it!