Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another view of Derbyshire

Here is another view of Derbyshire. I took these photos originally from Stanage Edge, in England. My husband brought me there for my birthday. It a place that I had longed to go ever since I saw the movie "Pride and Prejudice". In the movie, there is this one scene where Keira Knightly is standing on an edge of a mountain and the wind is blowing all around her making her very long dress look like a kite or wings that are about to take flight. In her close up, she has an expression on her face that she is contemplating whilst absorbing the suns warmth and perhaps receiving a message brought to her in the breeze. The music in the background is so perfectly suited, it makes this all so emotional, I cry every time I see this film. The artistic talent that went into this movie is so powerful. It's truly breathtaking. I will go to this place again one day, and I think I'll wear a long dress.  


  1. Beautiful painting, Mia. I love the way you simplified the planes of color. It's just perfect. Well done!

  2. Thank you for your comment. I am really struggling in my studio, experiencing hesitation and self doubt. I think I'm allowing nerves to set in and take me from my happy "free" self that expresses more confidence. A comment like yours goes a long way.