Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Good for you, Garlic

Oil on Gesso Board, 6x6, Still life

There is always raw garlic lying around my pantry. I love to cook with it. Lately I have had this thing for roasted garlic and goats cheese on a crusty baguette. My mother says you should consume garlic daily to stay well. I believe she is right. Good advise from Mom as always. So, I will paint it and eat it. 

I'm working on my website. I cannot decide between using Weebly or FASO for building my site.  I like the idea of FASO, (FIne Art Studio Online), it is designed with artists in mind of course, but Weebly seems to have so many great options for a good looking site, so the artist in me cannot make up her mind. I just want to get going and move on to doing a facebook fan page. That is next in my agenda. I would appreciate any input or opinions about building a nice place to hang your hat on the web,,,,,anyone?


  1. I love your composition here, Mia. Your colors and brushwork are lovely, too. Beautifully done!

    Regarding the websites, I've been pondering the same thing myself. I will be interested in seeing what the others say. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Darla for your artistic critiques. A nice comment like yours goes a long way.