Wednesday, April 24, 2013

in one of my many jars

I was really frustrated yesterday trying to figure out what to paint, when I looked around and saw my  collection of jars. I must have hundreds of recycled glass vessels that I simply cannot throw away. I kinda have a thing for them, I can usually remember what was in them, and they become a little special. I have some jars that had been filled with things like lemon curd, fig or apricot jam, mango chutney, mustards or mint sauce, and these were from when I lived in England, so they became especially precious to me. YES, I actually moved them across the Atlantic ocean to be here with me in Denver, and now they have a new use in my studio. SO, here is a larger jar that had once housed some yummy spicy Garlic Fra Diavolo sauce. NOW, it holds some of my precious brushes. 

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