Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daily Painting Nearly

I have painted this in my new art studio. I titled this Little Green Apples. I named it after I found myself humming an old tune, "hmmmm hmmm hmmmm little green apples", a song I seem to remember coming from my parents stereo. I seem to recall it was performed by Englebirk Humperdink. Now, that might not be correct spelling of his fabulous name, but that is how the little girl (me) pronounced it all those years ago. I even named my little live turtle after him. Wow, I was silly. 

This studio space is nearly fully functioning the way I need it to. Just a few more things to invest in to really make it perfect. I am so pleased to have it. So my goal is to work nearly daily now. Perhaps I will look for good ol Humperdink on iTunes Radio or Pandora to play In the background while I paint. Wonder if they even would have that good old stuff. Will update you on that. 

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