Monday, February 4, 2013


6x6, Oil on Gessoboard, Lemons

I really am having this thing with Lemons. They are just so lemony and fresh and good for you, right? Also, I am also a bit obsessed with trying to get this right. I have 3 different tubes of yellow paint that I am experimenting with.  A Cadmium yellow lemon pure from Utrecht Artists colors, a Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue from Jackson's oil paints form the United Kingdom, left over from my studio purchases there, and a Winton Cad yellow hue from another purchase in England. (I had ordered a Cad Yellow pure from Utrecht, and a Burnt Umber came instead. Utrecht handled the mistake by apologizing and sending out the correct tube straight away and allowed me to keep the Burnt Umber for free. Utrecht is awesome with customer service!)  Yellows are incredibly vast  in intensity and color. Attempting to get the correct saturation that I am seeking is a great learning experience. I find that some are more red, some more blue, it's wild. So, I'm thinking that these lemons are quite lemony.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a yellow lover!
    But, I really like this painting..The yellows look clean and fresh!